Inspired by board sports such as surfing, skating, snowboarding…, Nixon creates unique designs that have personality, a young and comfortable watch, which is fantastic to ride the waves, asphalt or snow.

A piece that fits into your life. A watch, modern, active and vital that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

The House of Nixon watches was founded in 1998 in Encinitas, California with a brand philosophy:


What is not visible to the naked eye, cannot be ignored.

We pay attention to that, we think about it.

We work day and night to make these little things as good as possible for you to wear and and to make you feel above the rest.

Nixon is currently distributed in more than 70 countries to define their models. The design team puts a lot of effort into creating their own pieces by using only the best materials which is the reason that their watches are beyond traditional uniformity.



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