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To create an account, go to the "Login" button on the right side of the menu.

Fill in all required fields; accept the Privacy Terms and click "Register".

You will soon receive an email with your registered details and confirm that your account has been successfully created.

Select the article by using the search filters or by entering the product code or description in the search engine. Click on the article and you will access the page in detail.

Confirm the desired units and click "Add to bag".

Once the product is added to the bag the page will be redirected to the summary of your purchase where we will see, in detail, the product/s that we are going to buy, the prices, the availability and the total price. In addition, if we have a promotional code, we can insert it in the indicated box and click "apply".

If you wish to continue shopping, just click on the "Continue shopping" button. Your purchase summary will always be visible in the drop-down menu "My bag"

Then select the type of purchase you want to make : "On-line; Shop Pick-up or Express"

Confirm delivery and billing address. Click "next"

Confirm type of purchase and transport. Read and accept the General Conditions of Purchase. Click "next"

Choose the payment method and finish your purchase.

Once the payment is verified, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the purchase made.

To create and share a list you must access your account and click PRESELECTION, name your list and save it. You can open as many lists as you want.

Find the desired articles, select which of your lists you want to assign them to, and click Preselect.

Once the preselection has been completed, if you want to enter a comment and the email addresses to which you want to distribute the list and click "send"

Our 4 Purchase Options






Using our search filters, decide which products you want and following the steps indicated make your purchase. Our logistics operator will arrange for you to arrive in the shortest possible time.


Dive in our web-shop, using our search filters, decide which products you want and follow the steps indicated make your purchase. Tell us which of our stores you want to pick up, in store time, your package and you will get a promotional code to benefit from a bonus in the total amount of your purchase.
Our shop staff will be happy to assist you in matters such as the processing of Tax-Free, in case you are beneficiaries, tailor-made and instructions for use of the purchased items.



logo tfs.JPGLOGO VISA.jpg

Dive in our web-shop, using our search filters, decide which products you want and following the indicated steps request the Express purchase option, we will deliver it to you at the indicated address of Barcelona city, within 2 to 3 hours, from Monday to Friday and 9:30 to 20:00 h. (excluding public holidays)
This mode supports on-line prepayment or cash on delivery by credit card.



Dive in our web-shop, using our search filters, decide what products you want, make a preselection, share it with your friends, coworkers or family as it is the ideal way for group shopping. Tell us up to 3 items you want to see physically and tell us which of our stores, what day and what time, and our store staff will have them available to show you and help you with your final purchase decision.