The object of the ZAPATA JOYEROS Website is to provide access in good faith to the services and information contained therein.

Joyería Skandia S.A. is a company with legal address at Calle Mandri 20, 08022, Barcelona, and inscribed in the Barcelona Mercantile Registry in Tome 22589, Sheet 88, Page B-39.378, and holding C.I.F. number A-08451676.

The present Conditions are applicable to the following modalities and features defined in this Website: Online Purchase, Online Purchase / In Store Pickup, Online Selection / In Store Purchase, and Barcelona Express Purchase.


Since its founding in 1981, ZAPATA JOYEROS has belonged to the Barcelona Guild of Jewelers and Watchmakers and is inscribed as member number 2300 in the Official Catalonian College of Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists.

The articles offered in this Website are guaranteed from manufacturing defects, and all of the jewelry articles are hallmarked.

For jewelry items, all gold pieces are made from 18 carat gold (750 thousandths). Silver pieces are made from Law Silver (925 hypoallergenic thousandths). All articles bear an incorporated hallmark seal. Precious metals are exclusively gold, silver and platinum that, for their commercialization, tend to be mixed with other metals (alloys). The term “law” regarding these objects refers to the quantity of pure precious metal that enters into an alloy. This is expressed in thousandths with a 3-digit number.

The expression ‘750 thousandths’ means that the jewel has 750 parts per 1000 of pure gold and 250 parts of other metals to create the alloy and generate the desired color of the gold. This proportion corresponds with 18 carat gold, the most commonly used quantity.

The quality of the objects manufactured with precious metals is guaranteed with hallmarks that are marks made on them with a stamp. All objects made from precious metals that are sold must bear marks from 2 different hallmarks: a) the origin hallmark that identifies the manufacturer or importer and b) the guarantee hallmark stamped by official hallmark laboratories that indicates the class of metal and the quality of the same.

Hallmark punches or stamps fulfill the function of guaranteeing the purity of each article made from gold or silver. This marking system serves to protect customers from falsifications or other adulterations, and it constitutes a secure quality control mechanism for each piece by accrediting its origin and identifying its artisan, manufacturing date and metal content and purity.

Despite the fact that ZAPATA JOYEROS makes its utmost efforts to ensure quality, it is possible that these efforts may not meet with the precise personal expectations of those who access the contents of the Website. As such, ZAPATA JOYEROS does not grant any guarantee of idealness with respect to the items offered for personal ends. ZAPATA JOYEROS stands exonerated of any responsibility in the cases where, on occasion, there are technical or human errors that bring about discrepancies or variations between the photograph, the technical description and/or the price of the item offered.

The photos of products published in this Website are examples that may not coincide with the actual size of the product or that may be represented in a smaller scale. The photos are merely for orientation, and there may be variations with regard to the physical object that should not diminish the integrity or features of the solicited product.

All of the items purchased online also come with an additional quality tag for security and satisfaction.


ZAPATA JOYEROS stands by the quality of its products, jewels and watches by means of its quality controls, offering all the guarantees set forth by Spanish Law.

In turn, customers are subject to the terms and conditions specified in the guarantees of product providers that are objects of sales via ZAPATA JOYEROS. These guarantees apply if and only if the product is used under the normal conditions of use determined by the providers. ZAPATA JOYEROS is not obligated to indemnify users or third parties for consequences resulting from product use, whether direct or indirect, damages, accidents suffered by persons, damages to goods unrelated to the product, profit losses, or damages stemming from product loss or deterioration. Once delivered to the customer, all products that have deteriorated due to external causes or accidents are not covered by the guarantee.


The price is always indicated beside each product, and that price includes VAT. The price offered during an order will remain in effect for a maximum of 7 days.

Online supply is limited to one unit per item and reference number. When a product is no longer in stock, it may not be added to an order unless indicated in the page itself. Customers may request an approximate replacement date as well as a list of products with similar characteristics via the Website’s contact features.

Before completing an order, customers may choose different sizes for certain models of rings (please include such orders in the “Comments” section) and/or request the engraving of watches or pieces of jewelry according to the availability of this service and the published price thereof.

Orders shall made via the Website sand will only be binding once the payment has been accepted and confirmed. After the order has been made, customers shall proceed to payment of the products in question by any of the accepted payment formats that are made available at that moment by ZAPATA JOYEROS. ZAPATA JOYEROS reserves the right to recover ownership of the products in question in the case of non-payment. The maximum amount accepted from a single client in all cases will be 10.000,00.- €, regardless of the number of pieces.

ZAPATA JOYEROS reserves the right to return the amount paid and annul an order as a result of irregularities in the purchase process or for reasons of security.

After receiving the purchase amount corresponding to an order, ZAPATA JOYEROS will proceed to generate and send an invoice to the address indicated by the customer along with the order.

Payment reimbursements made via credit/debit cards are only valid in Barcelona through the Express Purchase feature.

If a product is not delivered to the purchaser through the fault of a logistics operator, ZAPATA JOYEROS will assume the cost of the first reshipment. In the case where the logistics operator is unable to deliver the product through the fault of the purchaser, ZAPATA JOYEROS will not be responsible for the costs of such a reshipment. If the order has been prepaid before shipment and cannot be delivered through the fault of the purchaser, the full amount of the item ordered will be returned, but the costs of shipping and handling must be assumed by the purchaser.

For the Online Purchase and Barcelona Express Purchase features, all orders and deliveries will be made according to the following time limitations and according to the selected contracting feature:


MONDAY TO FRIDAY Orders accepted from 10:00 to 17:00 Delivery within 24 to 72 hours

*Orders registered after 17:00 will be considered as received at 10:00 on the following day.
*Payment confirmation will initiate the commitment to the service required.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY Orders accepted from 10:00 to 17:00 Delivery in 24 business hours
*LA ILLA STORE Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 21:30
*CALLE MANDRI STORE Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00
*CALLE BUENOS AIRES STORE Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00
*Payment confirmation will initiate the commitment to the service required.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY Orders accepted from 10:00 to 17:00 Delivered to address in 2 to 3 hours


MONDAY TO FRIDAY Orders accepted between 10:00 and 17:00 In selected store within 24 hours

* Holidays will be celebrated in accordance with the work calendar of the city of Barcelona.

Before finalizing the purchase process, an estimate of shipping costs can be generated. Shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and the amount of the order.

The place of delivery will be the same as that indicated by the customer in the purchase form. The order will be considered complete on the same day if it is made before 17:00. In the case of orders made after 17:00 or on a non-working day, such orders will be considered as made on the next working day. In all cases, the timeframe begins from the moment that ZAPATA JOYEROS receives the order amount in full.

ZAPATA JOYEROS will handle orders so that they are received within a maximum of 72 hours. We ask customers to take this into account when making their orders. Customers wishing to specify concrete dates or times for delivery, please contact our team at webshopzapatajoyeros.com.

ZAPATA JOYEROS will make the utmost effort in order to work with logistics operators to make deliveries by date agreed upon, offered and confirmed. However, ZAPATA JOYEROS will not be responsible for errors in making a delivery deadline due to causes beyond its control or when customers are away from their addresses at delivery time.

Upon delivery of the merchandise, customers must identify themselves and fill out a delivery form, providing their acknowledgement that the delivery has been made.

In order to make up for any error in shipping, it is essential to highlight in the observation section of the transport company’s shipping order any incident regarding the received merchandise or its packaging. It is also essential to communicate to ZAPATA JOYEROS any such incident within a maximum period of 24 hours. The integrity of the security tag must also be confirmed.


In all of its years of experience in this sector, ZAPATA JOYEROS has always strived to guarantee total security to its customers with their purchases. Through the Online Store, ZAPATA JOYEROS wishes to continue being synonymous with secure purchasing. As a result, it only works with leading companies in the jewelry and watch market.

For all products acquired through its Virtual Store, ZAPATA JOYEROS uses a numbered security tag in order to guarantee the arrival of its products to their destination while certifying the quality of these items as well as guarantee the customer’s satisfaction upon reception. Below are some examples of the security tags:


The maximum period allowed for making returns and exercising rights of refund on a purchase exclusively for the Online Purchase and Barcelona Express Purchase features is 14 calendar days from the time the order is received.

The right of disclaimer will not be permitted if: a) it involves the purchase of precious metal subject to fluctuating market prices; b) the item is not returned with the security tag intact along with the original packaging or case and any instructions for us or guarantees; c) the merchandise has been used, altered or is not in perfect condition; d) an item has been custom ordered, personalized, engraved or otherwise fit exclusively for the customer’s own specifications; e) the purchase receipt is not included; and f) the disclaimer document attached with the shipment is not filled out or an unequivocal declaration of disclaimer is not delivered with the return.

Upon receiving the product, the purchaser must verify the existence and condition of the security tag and, without removing it, check carefully to ensure the item received matches the item ordered. If this is not the case, the customer may exercise the right of return and disclaimer as long as the security tag is not removed from the product. Once the security tag has been removed or the product has been used, the return will no longer be possible.


To make a return, customers should use the following fast and easy system:

  • Send an email to webshopzapatajoyeros.com to request the return, attaching the disclaimer document or an unequivocal disclaimer declaration. We will acknowledge the receipt of this document and assign a return number.
  • Items should be returned in all cases with the original packaging and labels and the security tag intact. Items should be replaced in their original box or case along with any and all elements received (item, box, bill, and any quality certificates). Returned items should be in the same condition they were upon receipt. Items that have had their tags removed or that have been used, damaged or broken as a result of carelessness or negligence will not be accepted for return. Items that have been engraved or personalized in any way cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Return the package within 14 days from the time the disclaimer is communicated to J.SKANDIA S.A., Calle Mandri 20, Barcelona 08022, Barcelona, España, including the return number along with the returned item.
  • Once the package has been received, ZAPATA JOYEROS will proceed to identify and verify the condition of the returned item(s).
  • When the aforementioned inspection is complete, ZAPATA JOYEROS will send an approval email or call by telephone in order to proceed with a reimbursement of the amount of the returned item. Payment will be made via electronic transfer to the account specified by customer and that bears the customer’s name within a maximum of 14 work days following the disclaimer as long as said document has been submitted within the time period set forth in Section 3 above. In case of any discrepancy, ZAPATA JOYEROS will contact the customer directly.
  • Returned items should be shipped with a carrier that offers sufficient guarantees. ZAPATA JOYEROS will not be responsible for the loss or damage of packages shipped by customers. The cost of returning an item in cases of exercising disclaimer rights will be free if the return is made at the same time as delivery. If a return is made at a later time and within 14 days of delivery, the direct cost of return will be the responsibility of the customer, and the package must be returned to J.SKANDIA S.A., Calle Mandri 20, Barcelona, 08022, Barcelona, España.

ZAPATA JOYEROS reserves the right to demand indemnity to compensate for possible damages suffered to merchandise as well as compensation of direct costs resulting from returns.


To make purchases in the Online Store or access certain services, personal data must be entered, and in the case of purchasing, a password must be chosen in order to avoid having to fill in the same data during subsequent online visits and purchases.

Once customers have registered in the ZAPATA JOYEROS Website or made an order, their personal data including address and payment means are incorporated into a database in order to process the order and later send information about products and services that may be of interest. Personal data may be modified at any time (telephone number, address change, etc.), and requests for forgotten passwords can also be made.

Personal data and identification provided via online forms or email are confidential and will remain in files belonging to the company JOYERIA SKANDIA S.A. Customers authorize ZAPATA JOYEROS to automatically handle personal data for the purposes described above.

Data introduced by customer must be true, exact, complete and current. In cases where the person entering the data is different from the declared “user”, it will be understood that said person has the express permission of the user and that the latter grants authorization to ZAPATA JOYEROS to undertake the handling and use of personal data described above. Any damage or harm, direct or indirect, that might result to any person due to the provision of unauthorized, false, inexact, incomplete or expired data falls under the sole responsibility of the user.

Regarding that which is set forth in the Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data, ZAPATA JOYEROS informs users of the existence of an automated personal data file created under its responsibility. Similarly, it informs about the possibility of exercising rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition according to that established in the aforementioned Law by addressing Joyería Skandia S.A. or ZAPATA JOYEROS in writing at: ref. Datos, Calle Mandri 20, 08022, Barcelona or by sending an email to webshopzapatajoyeros.com, always attaching a photocopy of the user’s DNI.

At the same time, by accepting the Privacy Policy, users authorize JOYERIA SKANDIA S.A. to send them commercial information, including information sent via electronic media (SMS, email) regarding announcements about services and products offered by the same. Such commercial communication will be identified by the word “PUBLICIDAD” at the beginning of the title of each message sent by email. In the event that users do not want to receive the aforementioned information, they need only to notify said desire at any time by email to webshopzapatajoyeros.com.

JOYERIA SKANDIA S.A. reserves the right to modify its policies on confidentiality and protection of personal data as a result of legislative or legal changes as well as changes in company practice. In the advent of any such modification, the new text will be published on the Website in this section in which users have access to the most current policies regarding confidentiality and protection of personal data. In either case, the relationship with users will be governed by the regulations set forth at the time of access to the Website.


The legislation applicable to the contents reflected in the ZAPATA JOYEROS Website will be Spanish, and all related questions will be subject to the competent Courts and Tribunals of Spain. Should any clause included in these conditions be declared totally or partially null and void, such null and void status will affect only that regulation or that part of said regulation that has become null and void. All other conditions in that regulation or aforementioned parts of said effected regulation shall remain in vigor.


Users may contact ZAPATA JOYEROS for any question related to this Website via email to webshopzapatajoyeros.com or by calling 0034932116774. For any resolution of incidents, users should be prepared to provide identification and contact data.

The use of the Website attributes to whomever uses it the condition of ‘user’ and thereby the implicit acceptance of the present Conditions, with which said user has had the ample opportunity to become acquainted.

Joyería Skandia S.A.